Why Ops?

It seems the whole tech world is full of developers.

Everyone and their mother (and my mother even) have learned to code and many are trying to start or change their careers to match. There are code bootcamps in every major city and it’s easy than ever to get started. Operations, however, remains a dirty word invoking images of pale nerds replacing wires in datacenters or manually parsing through log files. Companies make millions with their products that allow developers to “not worry” about anything outside of their code. In reality, ops is a challenging, interesting and rewarding field.


Ops has its own set of unique challenges. Figuring out how to fit everything together in a scalable, available and secure way requires not only a deep pool of knowledge but also creativity to come up with novel solutions as well as work with others in various disciplines. A good ops person has to keep up to date with all sorts of new techniques and technologies and is typically the first person consulted when a company is considering new technology. Ops is also rewarding, both in terms of personal fulfillment but also financially as cloud architects are more and more in demand every year.


If you’re interested in learning more about ops (especially cloud ops) RunAsCloud is always looking for interns. Email internship@runascloud.com to learn more!


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