After a workload is complete, it’s important to continue to optimize it as requirements and the technological landscape change.

The Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Review (WAR) is a process developed by AWS to assess your workload’s adherence to the Well-Architected Framework.  RunAsCloud will frequently perform a WAR with customers after completing an engagement, or sometimes will begin an engagement with a review to assess an existing application’s adherence to AWS best practices.  In addition, customers who perform a WAR with AWS may be eligible for AWS credits to offset the cost of remediating any found issues.


Cost Optimization

Even though cost optimization is one of the pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, it’s important to periodically review it on its own.  From proper cost allocation to right-sizing opportunities to modernization to leveraging managed services, RunAsCloud works with customers to find multiple opportunities for cost reductions - put together, they can really add up.


Cost optimization is fantastic, and seeing your monthly spend go down is a great feeling; however, being able to free up engineering time often has an even greater overall impact.  By finding and implementing opportunities for automation, RunAsCloud can reduce the burden on an overworked engineering team, allowing customers to realize massive gains in productivity.



Many workloads are often built with the intention of keeping it as straightforward as possible; for many engineering teams that means building it with the technology they know and are comfortable with.  As part of an ongoing process of continuous improvement, RunAsCloud looks for better ways to run workloads such as shifting from VMs to containers via ECS or managed Kubernetes. 

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