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This goal is to understand what the business does, why it does it, and map out the skillset of the team(s) running it.

Collaborate with technical leadership to understand the problems they’re tasked with solving (not just the project at hand).

Deep dive with technical owners and architects to understand the decisions behind the choices of technology. There are often good reasons behind seemingly suboptimal decisions and we want to know what those reasons are.

Get to know the technology teams, understand what their strengths are and how RunAsCloud can best increase their effectiveness.



This is the phase in which we all sit down and design a solution together. Agree on the must haves, want to haves, nice to haves.

Dive deep on managed cloud solutions vs implementation of 3rd party solutions vs DIY solutions. Discuss all required functionality, constraints, and requirements. Make sure it can scale in both usage and functionality. At the end of this phase we know what we want to do and what services we will use to do it.


Turn the design into a detailed plan; what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and how cloud services will be leveraged.

Create cloud architecture diagrams and OpEx estimates. Get everyone on the same page and prepared for the build phase.

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AWS Well-Architected Framework

Although the Well-Architected Framework originates with AWS, it’s equally applicable to any cloud platform (or even for the most part to an on-premise workload). RunAsCloud designs all projects with the five pillars (Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence) in mind to create designs that will remain reliable, secure, and scalable over time.



Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization

Operational Excellence

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