Nate is the CEO and founder of RunAsCloud with over two decades of experience solving complex problems as simply as possible. Before founding RunAsCloud, Nate was a solutions architect at Amazon Web Services; long before that, he studied to be an opera singer.
Jake has worked as a developer, sysadmin and a cloud architect. His credentials include several AWS certifications, the CISSP exam and a masters degree in cybersecurity. Jake has a passion for exploring and has been to over 35 countries.
Max has worked as a Linux Admin and has always been passionate about automation. Now Cloud Engineer at RunAsCloud, he dedicates himself to helping organizations improve their IT operations. Since Max was a young boy he's been taking apart and rebuilding everything he touches.
Henry is an experienced sales and customer relationship builder. He has a background in sales ranging from technology products to luxury goods over his 10 year career. He loves to go on adventures with his family and 2 dogs.
Lance is Cloud Engineer with a a passion for all things DevOps. He has experience with monitoring systems, system administration and closing the gap between developers and operations teams. Lance enjoys building and racing Quadcopters on the weekends along with building Raspberry Pi powered IoT devices in his spare time.
Cai is an autodidactic security professional and has a career in DevOps Engineering, AWS Systems, Sys and Network administration. When not solving people problems with computers he enjoys puzzles, pretzels, and a good craft beer.
Sean is an Associate Cloud Engineer at RunAsCloud. He has worked at startups in Sales, as a Developer, and in Real Estate. Sean enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and going to bed early.
Durba is cloud engineer at RunAsCloud. She previously worked as a DevOps and Cloud Engineer. She enjoys working in AWS cloud Administration, Cloud migration, CI/CD Automation and configuration management. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering.
RunAsCloud is hiring for positions in Boston and Miami This is a full-time position for a platform engineer assisting customers with their AWS environments. Looking for engineers with experience in Operations / DevOps with AWS environments. Linux and Windows engineers welcome.