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Day: April 8, 2020


By Jake Berkowsky | April 8, 2020

As part of a talk I’m doing with Boston based Workbar. I’ve written an FAQ on Amazon Workspaces. Sign up here What is Workspaces? Workspaces is a Desktop as a Service (Daas) solution from Amazon Web Services. Its a hosted desktop in the cloud made for the enterprise. It allows end users to connect to…

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Capital One and EC2 Hack – an Overview

By Nate Aiman-Smith | August 5, 2019 |

There’s been a ton of coverage of the recently discovered Capital One breach. I’m generally very skeptical when AWS security makes the news; so far, most “breaches” have been a result of the customer implementing AWS services in an insecure manner, usually by allowing unrestricted internet access and often overriding defaults to remove safeguards (I’m looking at you, NICE and Accenture and Dow Jones!).  Occasionally, a discovered “AWS vulnerability” impacts a large number of applications in AWS – and it also impacts any similarly-configured applications that are *not* in AWS (see, for example, this PR piece…um,…

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